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I wanna learn Tagalog, is there good book for beginning student??

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
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    hi... how are you? if you want to learn tagalog, i can teach you online.. just buzz me on i would be glad to help you..


    Here are some easy steps for learning Tagalog for free using Italki resources.

    1. Find Language Partners - Click on 'Language Partners' to find a native speaker to practice oral communication or just to learn about other cultures.
    找语言伙伴 - 到语言伙伴中去寻找,要主动一点。可以从简单的对话开始交流。

    2. Ask Questions - Have something specific you don't understand about another language? Click on Answers and get free help from the italki member community.

    3. Discuss in Groups - Click on 'Groups' if you want to ask for help or offer help in a language. You can also discuss issues like culture, arts, society, travel or anything else you can think of.

    4. View and Download Free Language Learning Resources - Click on 'Knowledge' and 'Resources' to get textbooks, podcasts, notes and other helpful guides.

    5. Find a Language Teacher - You can find a professional teacher when you click on 'Language Teachers' to formally instruct you. Or you can hire a tutor to help you with your homework or materials.

    6. Write a Notebook entry - Get helpful corrections from other native speakers for you Writing.

    Good luck !!!

    how about a chat with me? I'm learning Chinese...

    see ya...


    You can find some articles in Filipino(Tagalog) from italki knowledge page. Click on "Knowledge" then click "Filipino(Tagalog) and select the articles you want to read. Find a native Filipino(Tagalog) speaker from italki "Language Partners". Don't worry they are extremely helpful and willing to help others who want to learn Filipino(Tagalog). And also try to visit these web sites which you can find useful articles about Filipino(Tagalog) language. , ,, this you can find flash cards in Filipino or Tagalog vocabulary. Just search for Filipino or Tagalog flash cards to start for vocabulary lessons. If you need my help just tell me and I'm willing to help, good luck.

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