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is it possible to say "long time no see" ?

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    Yes, this is a somewhat casual phrase that is generally used among friends. Grammatically, it's awkward, so I wouldn't use it as an example of English grammar, but it is a commonly accepted and understood phrase.

    Exactly " long time no see" it is an informal short way of saying for example
    " It has been long time that I have not seen you "
    " I didnt see you since long time " etc
    It is acceptable and comprehensible to use ,but not in formal letters or correspondence !

    Hey Kuniklo! ^^
    It's perfectly normal to use it with friends, but it's informal if you use it with someone you don't know.
    The correct way to use it is:
    "It's been a long time since I've seen you."
    "I didn't see you in a long time."
    GOOD LUCK!! ^-^

    Yes, you can say "long time no see" - it is the informal way of saying "It has been a long time since I have seen you" It is how we would say it to a friend.
    Yes it's possible and okay to say "Long time no see"
    It's a friendly and causla gesture of saying "It's been awhile since I've seen you."

    'Long time no see' can be used at any occasion to anyone of higher authority (eg: your boss, supervisor, older family members) and is also suitable amongst friends.
    Hello Kuniklo, The phrase "long time no see" is from Chinese Pidgin English. So it's etymology is described as such. This means that the English phrase is a calque i.e., a loan translation of the Chinese phrase, 好久不見.
    It is used a lot here in London!

    it is not a formal english ,
    To be honest with you, "long time no see" is grammatically similar to Chinese. haha
    Chinese people say "Hen Jiu Bu Jian" They are of the same meaning and grammatical order to "long time no see". xD
    Isn't that interesting
    I've heart English people use "long time no see" on the street in the U.K. So i guess it is a good expression.

    Yes its an appropriate expression in oral English. Originally is wrong, this expression was invented by a famous Chinese offspring actress, she said this sentence first, because she just translate it straightly from the Chinese expression:好久不见."
    But since then American are widely accept it.

    Can anyone else say "REPETITION"?!?!
    haha, how many times do you guys wanna give the same answer?
    it's already been said that it's informal, you don't need to say it again!
    Cherry: " It has been long time that I have not seen you "
    " I didnt see you since long time " etc
    are both gramatically incorrect.
    Aisha: Of course you wouldn't say it to someone you don't know....!! For that you would say "Never seen you before!"
    Just for clarification, YES you can say it and YES it is informal but even if you say it to your boss, it's OK! I do!

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