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what's the difference between 'kami' and 'kita' in malay?

could you explain it with some examples:)

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    "Kami" is not includes the person addressed (eg: Kami sudah berpindah minggu lepas)

    "Kita" is includes the person addressed (eg: Mari kita pergi)

    * kami (we)
    kita (us)
    "Kami" and "kita" = kata jamak/more than one person = kata ganti nama orang pertama/first person

    kami (jamak)
    digunakan kepada diri orang yang berkata serta temannya apabila bercakap dengan orang kedua (will be using when yourself and friend talking to another person/2nd person)
    example: Kami telah berjalan kaki sepanjang perjalanan (we have walked along the road)
    kita (Jamak)
    digunakan kepada diri sendiri dan menyertakan diri orang kedua (Will be using when you are telling about yourself and second person)
    Kita telah berjaya melakukanya (We've done it successfully)

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