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Iranians or visitors of Iran... In your opinion what are the "must sees" in western Iran for a new visitor?

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    If you mean West of Iran I can suggest you few different places .
    1- Kandowan (or kandovan), is actually name of a village in an hour drive (45 km) distance from Tabriz, North-West of Iran. People dig the Rocky Mountains to make their home in the heart of the mountain. When approaching to the village, you can see mountains, but with windows and doors in them which gives you a surprising view.
    2-Ali Sadr Cave is a water cave in Hamadan Province in the West of Iran. It's a great tourist attraction for people interested in the wonders of nature. It's believed that this cave is 130 millions years old. You have to take boat rides inside tha cave to see beautiful stalatites and stalagmites. You'll be surprised by the beauty of the cave because you'll see breathtaking sceneries! This boat ride takes about two hours.
    3-Uroumyieh salt lake,Lake Orumieh with an area of approximately expanding to 6100 square kilometers is the largest lake in Iran. It is a salt lake that is believed to have therapeutic benefits especially for rheumatisms. On the second largest island in the lake called Kabudi , there is a small village. Because it is a conservation area , foreigners need a special permit to visit the island.
    4- If you are interested in Historical sites there are many places which I could comment you, for example, Hamadan's ancient Median and Achaemenid city site.
    5- Don't forget to check Kermanshah also ;) Overlooking the main road to Hamadan and a few kilometers east of Bisotun village, are famous bas-reliefs carved out of a dramatic mountain include with religious significance in pre-Islamic times the fact that the rock was also on the ancient royal road between Iran and Iraq made it an ideal location for these tablets.

    I named only a few places that I've visited myself which I could Tag it but all the above mentioned cities have their own traditional Bazaars, museums and sight attractions too, but the list of places for sightseeing in West of Iran is very long.
    PS: although the most attractions are in central and northern part of Iran ;))

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