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Persian in the Arabic alphabet vs. Cyrillic alphabet

I can read Persian in the Arabic alphabet, but I would like to be able to read it in the Cyrillic alphabet as well, such as they do in Tajikistan. Would someone be able to post a list with the equivalent letters? Thank you!

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    Why would you like to read Persian in Cyrillic alphabet!?

    Persian without its own alphabet isn't beautiful.

    Hey there ...

    Actually it's better to practice any language in their own alphabet, but as some languages are not Roman script type, so maybe some people prefer to Romanized alphabets then try to read or some prefer find phonetics in their native language. ... :) .

    Nowadays many Persian people which using internet, prefer using Persian words with English alphabets ;) we call it Pinglish... like this , "Salam! Hale shoma chetore? " But it barely seen anyone using Russian alphabet for write or read Persian worlds.!

    Anyhow as I, myself try to learn Korean (Hangul) and I could understand your problem, (hehehe!!) OK here are Russian equal to, Persian alphabet. Hope it could help you more :).

    Here is an example :

    My name is Stella (English) Esme man Stella ast (Pinglish) اسم من استلا است (Persian)
    Эсмэ ман Стэла аст (Percyrillic??!!:))

    А а آ اَ С с س ص ث
    Б б ب Т т ت ط
    В в و У у او
    Г г گ Ф ф ف
    Д д د Х х خ
    Е е ی Ц ц تش
    Ё ё یو Ч ч چ
    Ж ж ژ Ш ш ش
    З з ز Щ щ شچ
    И и ای Ы ы ای
    Й йُُ ىُ Э э اِ
    К к ک Ю ю یو
    Л л ل Я я یا
    М м م
    Н н ن
    О о ٱ
    П п پ
    Р р ر

    Regards :)

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