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I have been in Tallinn last week and liked the city very much (and the girls are pretty and charming when you get them to smile, which is not easy!). My question is: i think estonian is quite unknown in the EU and i wonder if estonians would like their language to be more known and appreciated by other EU members/countries....Truly, young generations there speak a very good english, so i guessed the estonians didnt expect too much about foreigners having a knowledge of their language. (i bought some books in estonian and i guess i m going to be busy for a long while if i want to understand them!)

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    Although I don't know Estonian I suppose it's as difficult to learn as Finnish (of which I only know a few phrases and words, though I did make an effort to learn more) or Polish. I don't suppose we, peoples whose langauages have never been international and which are quite complex, expect greater recognition or usage outside our countries. It's charming when foreigners do make an effort to learn our languages ,for whatever reason,( and in case of Polish I personally know quite a few very fluent speakers of excellent idiomatic Polish from such countries as Nigeria, Spain or France) but I don't think our ambitions or hopes go further into the international arena!

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