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Is it correct to use "I hope you are well" in writing?

I've recently come across the phrase "I hope you are well..." in a letter. Is it grammatically correct? Is it common for informal speech or "I hope you are okay" is more usual?

Thanks in advance!

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"I hope you are good" has a different meaning?

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    yes, it is correct.
    well in writing
    okay in informal speech

    You can say it in informal speech too.

    You can say or write: "I hope you are well"

    But we often say:

    "I hope you're *doing* well".

    "well" is better than "OK." "ok" means "not bad" or "so-so".

    Yes, you're right. You can write like this too:
    - I hope you're okay
    - I hope you're good

    i think it's better if yu say "i hope your fine"


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