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what's the meaning of 'yang' in malay?

I saw lots of 'yang' in sentences, but still confused.
could you explain it with some examples?
Thanks in advance.:)

Apa maknanya 'yang' ini?

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    "Yang" doesn't have specific meaning but it can be used to the sentences
    for example:

    Tip Of Borneo adalah pantai yang tercantik di Borneo (Tip Of Borneo is the most beautiful beach in Borneo)

    Siapakah orang yang paling kamu sayangi? (Who is the person you love the most?)

    "Yang" can be used for the words such as "the"/"that" but it depends on the sentence structures.

    Saya senang berbicara dengan gadis yang berbaju hijau itu (I'm pleased talking to the/that lady in green)

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