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"les choses qu'il a vues". why "vues"?

ok, i don't know if this sentence is totally correct, but i've read somewhere.
i'd like to know why do i use "vues" instead of "vu"?
thanks to everyone who eventually help me ^^

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i've red it somewhere*

Additional Details:

gosh, read it somewhere*****

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    It's correct, you have to agree 'vu' with 'choses' because 'vues' is written after 'choses'
    i.e. -il a vu des choses or les choses qu'il a vues
    The french grammar rule is called " l'accord du participe passé"

    cet mot n'etait pas ecrit correctement. je crois aussi qu'il doit etre 'vu'

    cliquez ici:

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