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Which one more correct...?

From the words below :
- Bus
- Bis
- Bas

Which one is more correct , in accordance with Indonesian Grammar and EYD (Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan)

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    A bus is A large motor vehicle .
    Bis (again) in (musical passage). is used to form the names of compounds containing two groups identically substituted or coordinated (musical passage).
    Bas ,is not a word ,but BAS BLEU (noun)is a word which mean :. a woman having literary or intellectual interests
    The word BUS can be used as an expression ,and call a person a BUS which means he is RETARDED.


    I always understood "bis" is the Indonesian word, and "bas" is the Malay word - I remember the KL perhentian bas besar, near Jl Petaling.

    Using the English spelling "bus" would read aloud like "boos" - incorrect and confusing. A Dutch speaker would read "bus" with their particular "u" sound, which would sound to me like "bis". So I guess there's some Dutch influence in Indonesian loanwords?

    I don't know any of the EYD rules to refer to, so this is all just a guess. -.-

    Ketiganya adalah kata yang sesuai dengan EYD yang tentunya mempunyai arti yang berbeda.

    Untuk kata bus (kendaraan) adalah kata yang sesuai dengan EYD walaupun dalam bahasa sehari-hari kita menyebutnya dengan bis. Jika kita mencari kata bus di Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) maka kita akan mendapatkan definisi yang tepat yaitu "kendaraan bermotor angkutan umum yg besar, beroda empat atau lebih, yg dapat memuat penumpang banyak".

    The correct word in accordance with indonesian grammar and EYD is bus.

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