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What do you say/do when someone sneezes?

I am particularly interested in Japan, but I'm wondering how different countries respond when someone near them sneezes. For example, most Americans say "bless you" or "gesundheit" when someone sneezes.
What do you do when someone sneezes?

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    I answered the same question a long time ago.

    In Islam,our great prophet Muhammed peace be upon him teaches us when some one sneeze to say " thanx to Allah (Alhamdulillah)" and the people nearby reply him saying " May Allah Mercy you." then he must reply them saying " May Allah giude you to the right way"

    くっさめ!(this expression is used in Kabuki)

    ハクション大魔王の歌( the song of Hakushon-daimaou)


    In addition after the answering..

    I am sorry, I mis-read your question. I thought you were asking about how we say "sneezes" in Japanese. So the examples above are the variations of how to say "sneeze" in Japanese. But your question was about people's reaction for a sneeze.
    Takashi is right, we don't have a particular expression for it.
    However I would say..

    ・風邪ですか? "kazedesuka?" (did you chatch a cold?)
    ・大丈夫?"daijyoubu?" (alright?)

    instead of saying "bless you".. nothing special.. but we just dont have an expression.

    Once again, sorry for that confusing you.

    In Japan it is socially correct to ignore someone's sneeze.
    So, we say nothing.
    But reaction to someone's sneeze can be also a trigger to a conversation with a stranger.

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