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How can be translated :"Tanın kasevetlerimi sizin ile ben koydum,sizin ile hep yarımdan ağladım güldüm?

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Hayir,siz beni anlamadiniz.Ben bunu trkceden ceviriyorum.Eğer tümceler "Tanin kasevetleri",ve"Hep yarimdan ağladım güldüm"ben türkçe doğru eşitip yazdimsa, bana yeter."Tanin kasevetleri""Hep yarimdan ağladım güldüm"- öyle tümceler türk dilinde olur mu,ben doğru mu duydum onları?

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    It is the first time ı saw a term "tanın kasevetleri" Kasevet is a very old word it is same with gam or keder and in English it is surrow. Kasevet is a literary word not so many people uses this word but it can sound nice in a poem. And I think you heard these words and you wonder whether these can be used or not. It didnt make a sense to me "tanın kasevetlerimi" maybe it is "inanın" and it is better to say "sizin ile hep yarım ağladım yarım güldüm" and you can use the word kasevet with verb "duymak" but not the meaning of hear instead feel. think "duyu organları" ("sense organs") for example: bu ayrılıktan duymam kasevet - i dont feel sorrow (sorry) for this break-up "yarımdan ayrıldım"--- here yarım means my dear, my lover Belki siz doğru işitmişsinizdir ve bunlar çok eski Türkçe cümlelerdir. Ben günlük kullanımda buna benzer cümleler hiç görmedim. (Maybe you heard right and these can be very old Turkish sentences. I've never saw such sentences in daily speak) I hope this answer helps. If you still have doubts please ask. Good luck!

    It seems you have heard this from a song. Can you tell the name of singer or song. Sentence is difficult to understand.

    Your Turkish is mostly like Turkish of Central Asia. Maybe Central Asia Turks is able to answer you better about this question.
    But i think there is a mistake in it.
    kasavet is wrong you have to say "kasvet" and you can say " hep yarı ağladım yarı güldüm" others r wrong ok

    Victor merhaba, bence burada bu metnin kaynağını bize aktarman gerekiyor. I think, you have to disclose the source of this text to us. It looks like you have copied this from an old/ancient text belonging to Turkish culture and so some words in the text may have lost its function in today's Turkish.

    If you are translating this text from ancient Turkish texts to today's Turkish, then your translation that you sent hereabove is not correct.

    If you heard this and wrote what you heard, then there must be a mistake again because the sentences do not fit in the daily language in terms of both grammar and vocabulary.

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