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Pleaaaase help me translate this from Moroccan Arabic/French to English...!!

a Fééén a jome Cava katgdor bslaba ya sahbiiiiii
khetek w khalek merwan houma l masswabin fikoum en moins ghi mebrouk l3wacher w ramdan .... etc
achghdi ngoulik a rass tarou que dieu me donne ton visage ;p thala liya frassek a Tipos
hv nice day

Please help me translate this!!

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    Re-write in Arabic or english ,then i will translate it for you
    i have no idea but i'd help if i could...xD

    This sentence written in colloquial Moroccan Arabic it's somewhat vague But I will try translate it
    'a Fééén a jome' I did not understand this word it's may be the language of Tamazight
    The rest of the speech is :
    hi how are you my friend I hope you are okay.
    your sister and your uncle Marwan possess a good manners in your family .Why do not like them and ask for our conditions? At least say congratulations to you for These blessed days and for ramadan (Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast it's a great and blessed month)....ect
    what do I say to you also head of the bull you must be shy.take care of me your head.O short .
    hv nace day

    (in colloquial language we say some words in other languages but have different meaning such "que dieu me donne ton visage" this it's french her Literal translation is "May God give me your face" But the true meaning is "you must be shy"

    héhéhéhé ana a5té ntarjmlak had ché lah yawdé
    "hééy,Dude wassup ur such a rude Boy ur sis and uncle are much better and polite than you at least say "mabrok l3wachér" and "Ramadan" huh! wht can i say Jerk, May god give me your face :p take care

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