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Dear Make: Thank you invite me to attend you birthday party .But I am very sorry about that I can't attend it. My brother who come from American will arrived at in tonight .On his arrival my parents and I is going to meeting at the airport .I already have one year don't see he and I missed him very much. So I could not attend you party .But I will give my best wishes to you: happy birthday!!

hello every friend,please help me to correct this article if you have enough time ,thans!

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    Hey, this is my version and hope someone can help you make it even better.

    Dear Make,

    Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.But I am really sorry that I can't go. My brother who stays in the U.S. will be back home tonight. My parents and I will pick him up from the airport. I miss him so much cause I haven't seen him for a year. Basically this is why I can't go to your birthday party. Though I can't go, I'd like to give my best wish with all my heart: Happy Birthday!!

    Yours XXXX

    PS: If you can still prepare a birthday gift for him or her, it would be really nice.

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