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Which is more important ( Slang English ) or ( Standard English ) ?

We usually learn the Standard English especially the British one , but when I try to watch or hear something English , I discover my disability in understanding some words !

Do you have the same problem ? and how can I solve this ?
And what's the English accent your prefer more ?

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    Standard English is (normally) understood everywhere. The problem with slang is that it is not universal. Never is. Slang develops from a group's or community's need to re-shape language to their own purposes and create their own identity. Each is very particular and requires a sharp sense of taste to know when to use it, and especially who with. Use the wrong slang in the wrong place, with the wrong person and you're heading for confusion... at best.
    yep, i have the same problems. we MUST know classical English and a slang.
    But standart English is a base.

    It's probably not just slang you are hearing, but normal words which you simply don't know. English has a huge vocabulary, far greater than those of almost all other languages, and English is also far richer than most other languages.

    To answer your question though, slang is no good to you if you don't have a good knowledge of English first. And if you use too much slang, or know only slang, then people will think you are an uneducated gutter-dwelling yob.

    As Anny said, the standard English is the base.
    Of course you'll need to get the slangs... I think it's so necessary if you want to socialize with everyone.

    standard basic english is very important. slang you can pick up watching more tv, movies, and interacting with native speakers

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