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How is my name spelt in Cantonese and how is it pronounced ? My name is Kaliegh. Thank you :)

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    My suggestions (I had to look up the cantonese pronunciations, but I believe they are correct):
    『嘉理』(mandarin: jiā lǐ ; cantonese: gā léih)
    『佳理』(mandarin: jiā lǐ ; cantonese: gāai léih)

    嘉 as in excellent; praise
    佳 as in fine; beautiful
    理 as in reason; logic; truth

    Personally, I like 『佳理』 :D

    What do ya think?

    Let's see what others say...

    But whatever you do, don't use 咖哩,because that is the same characters they use for 'curry'. :P

    嘉莉 is common name in Hong Kong, it's is a girlish name, and near pronunciation to your name. 佳理 is nice, though it sounds boyish.

    For pronunciation, please look up this audio dictionary (character encoding need to set to big5):


    it was difficult for me how to convert your name to Cantonese.

    Why would u like to learn catonese?

    一般来说应该叫 “凯莉” ,读音近似于 “海丽”。
    还可以 “凯琳” ,我觉得 “凯琳” 比较合适,读音近似于 “海林”

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