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Do you know the equivalent expression of 'Nasabi ko, nasira ko, nasulatan ko in English?

All expressions with verb that starts from a prefix-'na'.
It is somewhat something done in the past.

Are they fall under present perfect tenses?

Additional Details:

I think present perfect is more on 'Nag+root word'

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    actually, yes... the prefix "na" in our language describes the present perfect tense in english.

    'nasabi ko' - "I have said" / "I have told"
    'nasira ko' - "I have destroyed" / "I have ruined"
    'nasulatan ko' - "I have written"

    in contrast, we sometimes express "na" to mean 'unintentionally' or 'accidentally'.

    e.g. "nawala ko 'yung pera!" = 'I have lost the money!' / 'I unintentionally lost the money!'

    compare: "nabanga ko 'yung tao!" vs. "binanga ko 'yung tao!"


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