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good ideas for learning TOEFL.

hi everybody i really need your heip.
have you got any good ideas for preparing TOEFL?
what can i do to solve thes problems below:
1.first time i read the passage and sometimes i can't understand so i need to reread it.
2.when i listen to the lectures i can't write down all of the key words that are important to understand the lecture and i sometimes don't know where are the key information i need to write down quickly.
3.there are a lot of words i can recognize them and spell them even understand the meanings both in reading and listening.but i always can't use these words in my oral english.
thank you for your help.

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    there is a lot to toefl so I won't discuss each of the points here. I'll just provide some general advice. My toefl takers have told me that buying a book or taking a class has been very helpful to them. So I recommend it highly. Private tutor who has experience tutoring standardized tests can be very helpful also. It might be more expensive, depending on the teacher.
    There are so many sites which may help you to prepare TOEFL.
    So, listening online on TOEFL's sites is quite helpful. Also it's very important to buy the book with writing tests. I know some people who had passed this exam without help of tutors and teachers. They had been preparing by themselves.

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