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What is the meaning of "take for granted"

It goes on and on,
You don’t know what you got till it’s gone,
Well I'm learning,
I'll never take love for granted again.
(Leona Lewis)

What does that mean: "I'll never take love for granted again" ?

She will not take it easily, she will check for and search for proof of love, won't she?

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    In Leona Lewis song:

    When you take something for granted, you don't appreciate it. You assume it's gonna be there forever, even if you do nothing, even if you are not nurturing (in this case love) or showing that you care. And, sometimes, when that thing is gone (like the song says... ) you realize it could have been better if you wouldn't have underestimated its real value.


    take for granted:
    1. Consider as true or real, anticipate correctly, as in:
    "I took it for granted that they'd offer to pay for their share but I was wrong."

    2. Underestimate the value of, become used to, as in:
    "The editors felt that the publisher was taking them for granted. "

    take for granted means that you do not value the thing or person that you have. You think that its just there and will always be there, or is supposed to be there. for instance if you have both parents you dont really pay attention to how important they and so you take them for granted. If you lose one of them you realize how important they were to you.

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