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How to pronounce "R" in Spanish? just can't get a vibration of my tongue... :-(

I just started learning Spanish this semester. I'm beginning with the pronounciation, and the "r", or "rr", seems like the most difficult problem i'm facing now. :o(
How to pronounce it correctly? Is it very important to pronounce it precisely? Or there is a way i can do it alternatively?
Thanks in advance! 谢谢!Gracias! Danke!

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    R = ere or erre
    Take a lot of air. Place the tip of your tongue against the palate, just above your upper teeth. Exert pressure to try to expel the air but do NOT let it come out either on the sides of the tongue (you will produce an "l") or through any aperture between the tongue and the palate (the result will be /tch/). Now, take a lot of air, relax the tip of the tongue and try to pronounce /t/ sounds one after another as fast as possible; train your tongue to flap quickly and ever faster against the palate in that way; next take air and try to say /tr/ from the same position; a sort of /rrrrr/ sound will gradually emerge. Then, instead of trying to produce "tr", take as much air as you can, hold it, and try to expel it in that way by simply letting the tip of the tongue flap quickly against the center of the palate. Four or more flaps should produce an "rr" sound, :-). Less than that yields a simple "r" sound.

    If you cant vibrate your toung than just try to say r normal i am not very good at it either.


    I think you must be patient,and stick with it! I had same problem as you're having, I thought I couldn't roll my tongue.but finally I made it! if you can go on youtube, watch some videos which teach the rolling r.
    this video for your reference:

    You can take a word like example to say the letter R, for example

    e -- relaciòn

    relaciòn -- in this example just promounce the two forst letter "re"

    Finally you say

    e -- re

    I hope it example help you.


    oh ya .it's hard for chinese people .

    In spanish the sounds r and rr are same, you can speak with a native like me and to copy the sound

    put the top of your tongue in the palate leaving a small space up to the teeth and make vibrate the tongue... in spanish "r" or "rr" are very similars... don´t worry, spanish people is very tolerant with foreigner´s pronunciation¡. good luck

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