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do I have my name in russian?

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    I guess your name in russian is Artur or Archibald))))

    I think - no.

    I think, Archi (Арчи) is best in Russian. But it isn't Russian name. (Artur and Archibald arn't Russian nams too.)
    In Georian language is name Archil ( Арчил), it means - Lion. You may like it.

    Archi - looks like a nick. Some Russians love it. The closest name in Russian is Arkhip)) Rare, but sounds like you're a real oldschool Russian man)))

    May be Artur...but I suppose your name is more like geogian name.....sounds have more in common))

    No ,the Russian version might sound: Arthur
    You can find a lot of useful information on

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