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Čo je rozdiel medzi "keby" a "ak"?


Obaja preložia sa ako "if", ale keď ich môžem použiť?

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    Allow me please firstly correct your Slovak question ^_^
    Aký je rozdiel medzi "keby" a "ak"?
    Obe znamenajú "if", ale ako ich mám použiť?

    Check the explanation and examples here:

    Main difference is that "keby" is used when you wish something:
    If I would have known Slovak language. -> Keby som tak vedel po Slovensky.

    When I am thinking about that, it seems that when we use "keby", then we are using the verb in past tense. And when we use "ak", we rather use present or future form of verbs.

    If I learn more, I will understand it. -> Ak sa budem viac učiť, pochopím to.
    If I would have learnt more, I would understand it. -> Keby som sa viac učil, pochopil by som to. (I wish I would have learnt more)

    If there is rain, I would not need to water a garden. (I wish there it is raining.) -> Keby pršalo, nemusel by som ísť poliať záhradu.
    If there is rain, I have to stay at home. (I do not wish it, it is a fact, if it's raining, my mom do not allow me to go out, for example.) Ak prší, tak musím byť doma.

    So I would say that in general "keby is used in conditional sentences when I wish something, and "ak" is used when something is a fact, a real thing.

    Except of "wishing" there is so called "not finished condition" when we use "keby".

    If you speak for a long time, we are bored. -> Ak rozprávaš dlho, nudíme sa. (it is a fact, done)
    If you would speak for a long time, we would be bored. -> Keby si rozprával dlho, nudili by sme sa. (it is not a fact yet, it haven't happened yet and even nobody wishes to be bored :-D ).

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