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Is it easy to learn russian?

i'd like to learn some russian, is it too hard to learn? and do i have to know the alphabet or is that possible to learn it in latin alphabet?
like "kak dela?" i only know that :)

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    Russian is a hard language to learn but not impossible.

    You cannot learn Russian using Latin alphabet. Russian language is based on Slavic alphabet and as far as I know Latin letters are only used for informal emails/chatting when people don't have access to a keyboard with slavic letters.
    it is not easy to learn it. I was learning this language for many years.
    But if you have an aim you should do it.


    And this I got from my friend. This is an interesting article.

    Most people can easily learn Russian without studying. All I did to learn Russian was to sleep with a Russian textbook under my pillow.

    Hi I tried to learn it, but without success.

    No, it is NOT easy to learn russian! But possible! Famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann learned Russian in a few months. Himself, without the teacher and the Internet! (Before that, he learned Dutch, English, French, Italian and Portuguese languages in just three years!)

    Learning Russian is amazingly difficult. It's pretty easy for Slavs and the former Soviet Union citizens, but for English-speaking people it's almost unattainable. I had a friend - named Mitchell, he's from Seattle. He studied Russian for 5 years at University, then worked 5 years in Russia - as an interpreter with the Russian North Fleet, and teaching English at universities - Damn, there wasn't a single sentence he could say correctly. But all his adventures resulted in a bonus. The MF got himself a wonderful Russian wife. And they went home to Seattle. )

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