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A friend is going 2 visit Singapure, would you advice me a chinese book 4 learning I can ask him 4?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    what do you want to learn??if you need I can tell you some useful chinese sentences..but you know the people in Singapore speak English as well...

    A friend of mine is in Singapure now .
    books? whatever you have ,just fit yourself is ok.
    ask your question here,and I can answer here :D


    I give you two websites one is you can learn some simple sentences from there online .Another is you can buy this book 汉语会话301句 It's a good learning book. I use this book to teach my students. Hoping can help you.

    tell your friend, english is official in Singapore, do not be afraid to tak to local people.
    They speak both chinese and english.
    remember one thing. local people is better than tour books

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