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How to translate "Prazer em conhece-la!"?

How to translate "Prazer em conhece-la!"?
Nice to meet you or glad to see you?

Как переводится "Prazer em conhece-la!"?
Рад встрече или приятно познакомиться?

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Does it mean that people r already know each other?

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    Translation to english would be like this:

    Pleased to meet you!

    or it can be:

    "Nice to meet!" but this one, in portuguese, sounds more like: "Legal te conhecer" which is more in informal talk.

    "Glad to see you" is more commom when you already know someone and you're seeing him/her again.

    Nice to meet you.

    Muito prazer em conhecê-lo (a) - Glad to meet you . É esta a expressão correcta,depois,é claro,
    cada um tem uma variante à sua maneira...

    "Nice to meet you" is the more common expression, and it's correct. Literally, it could be "I have pleasure starting to know you" - so you see, this expression is only used when you don't know the person already.

    Pleased to meet you, nice to meet you.

    Ou tambem pode se usar, nice to meeting you, caso nao queira ser muito direta, glad to see you soa como um segundo encontro ou informal.

    Hello do you, speak the português manny bem.

    nice to meet you - prazer em conhece-la.
    glad to see you - que bom te ver.

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