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What is the most difficult thing for you when you want to learn French ?


For learning: French
Base language: English
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    I feel like I'm drowning when I try to pronounce anything in French. I get my tongue tied with the French language :(

    Yup, definitely pronunciation.
    Especially how some of the ending letters of some words are said, and some aren't.
    Practicing the "r" is hard too, hahaha. My teacher did a bunch of "phlegm twisters" to practice getting that "r" in french words.

    conjugation is a problem and where to use words like le, la, les, de and du. It is difficult to judge which words are masculine and which are feminine. Some times I use le instead of la and vice versa.

    Remembering the correct tenses. I managed in France recently, at least people understood me.

    i think the most difficult things are having a good and interested teacher that will teach me.


    actually i want learn french by myself,but i found that's too much difficulty,cuz the excuse of laziness is too many,i have no time,no money,but the most difficult thing is that u ill have no chance to say the language that u r learning now

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