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What is the most important thing you think students have to learn in college??

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    practical abilities,not only focus on the book.

    Sex ed.

    The most important thing learned in college is from where one can gather information that can help them in their career.


    That's easy - to learn to know when a person is talking rot. That's the most important thing you could ever learn. We do that in America by offering a liberal arts education with either a two year program or a four year program, with post graduate studies available including degrees in Masters programs and Doctorate programs requiring extended studies. A little of every subject, a liberal program of studies, physical, social, science, languages, and after years of beating around the bush you can specialize in the field you're out standing in. For me the most important thing was learning how to have fun.


    Hi... I think you should learn "tolerance" and "methodology"...

    To discipline themselves to study independently and not waste time chatting in the cafe.

    Honestly, the most important thing I've learned so far is to learn the teacher. Find out what the teacher wants and give it to them. It's great to actually learn the subject, but for certain A's give the teacher what he or she wants. I wish it wasn't like this.

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