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To start a friendship, what should i say?

when i want to say that i want to have a friendship with someone what should say?
I want to be a friend of u,
I want to be your friend,
i want to have or get a friendship with u?

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    Friendships are simple, you can ask this person about something you like to find if you share common interests. A simple, "I would like to get to know you better" has worked many, many times for myself. Don't be afraid of disagreement in views, that is what makes a friendship truly rich! Best of luck, Hyang gi!

    you say would you be my friend

    I Want to br your friend it's better in this case... But friendship we can not ask, we conquer it! haha

    if I like someone I usually say "hey! you seem like a cool person and I would like to know you better. Friends?“ or I simply say "let's be friends"
    In a casual situation, I would probably say, "We should hang out sometime!" Or just exchange phone numbers, or email addresses, and invite the person out somewhere.
    You can say, "Lets be friends," "Can we be friends?", "I'd like to be friends," or "We should be friends."
    I think Americans tend to be indirect when making new friends. We don't usually say directly, "I want to be your friend." Instead, we let it happen naturally. I'm not sure what it's like in other cultures, though.

    "Yo! Let's be buds!"

    I will suggest you to valuate your friends first!!



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