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Do you prefer to live in a warm place or cold place?

¿Prefieres vivir en un lugar càlido o frìo?

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    Another way to phrase the question:
    Do you prefer to live in a warm or cold place?

    Yo vivo en Alaska. Qué piensas tú :P
    I personally like the cold weather because if you want to be warm in the cold weather you can just put on more clothes, but in the hot weather it is hard to stay cool. I pick cold weather anyday over hot weather.
    I like where I live.....very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter (though never as hot as mexico or as cold as alaska)

    Neither too hot nor too cold. I prefer mild climate.

    I prefer an even temperature of about 25C.

    warm place is better, because i don't want to wear too much clothes ^_^

    i love the weather of my city, hot, hot about 37C.

    i like a temperature in between 20-25 degrees..

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