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How can you describe yourself in a sentence?

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    So weird that I'm always in trouble, but still smiling !!! ^^


    i like to eat pie with a lot of cream on it, that means i like to swim and play the piano a lot though i have to work every single day till 6pm before i go to university till 11pm, that's when i go back home, take a shower and then you just loop this from M-S.

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    I can do it in one word: Great.

    I am tall, slim, blonde and blue eyed.

    I am nice, little shy and uncontested, but sometimes I can be irritating.:)

    I am a very friendly person and you can rely on anytime :-).

    I am a chinese girl ,like communicating with people from different countries ,reading different kind of books and eating white chocolate cookies or listening to pop music when i feel pressure or unhappy.

    i'm a simple girl whom sometimes can't understand this world.haha

    I like to be nice whith people.

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