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Does 睡覺睡得晚 mean "to sleep (until) late" or "to go to bed late"?

Is there any distinction in that sentence--can it mean both, depending on the context, or is there a different way to say the two sentences?

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    go to bed late .

    it means go to bad very late.
    sleep too late in chinese is 很晚才睡着。

    U can divide 睡覺睡得晚 to "睡覺" & "睡得晚"
    "睡覺" is a action.
    睡覺睡得晚: Use "睡得晚" to embellish "睡覺".
    晚睡覺: Use"晚" to embellish "睡覺".

    For example:
    Playing music hardly: Use"hardly" to embellish "Playing"
    Hard music: Use "Hard" to embellish "music".

    i see!
    sleep late=睡懒觉!

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