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Is azorean portuguese similar to brazilian portuguese?

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    Hi this website explains that Azorean Portuguese sounds like French

    Maybe it's similar in writing and vocabulary but in speech and its nuances are completly diferent. It's kinda like britain english and american english. Azorean portuguese sounds to us, Brazilians, like they're singing and they do stress final syllables of words. Besides all diferent words and meanings that they have (and so do we) it's easy to understand it, if you know one or another portuguese.

    No,azorean portuguese is similar to european portuguese,the difference is the accent,like in others
    countries of portuguese oficial language. Best wishes from Portugal

    The language itself is the same.. but I have many troubles to understand their accent.
    They use the same orthographic rule and preferences from Portugal. So it is look like Portuguese from Portugal. The Brazilian variant is more isolated, unique, while all others tend to be more like or close to Portugal.

    the accents is very different,inside Brazil,you can find a very types of accents

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