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what's the difference between "sedang" and "tengah"?

As far as I know,
they both mean "in the middle of something" or "~ing" in English.

For example,

As for, "what are you doing?",
we can say, "awak sedang buat apa?" or "awak tengah buat apa?".

Both sentences are exactly the same?
or "sedang" is often used in a formal case??

It would be appreciated if you explain this.:)

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    "sedang" something that we're doing..still do that thing.. eg, ibu sedang memasak = mother is cooking.."verb+ ing"... n d word "tengah" mean in the middle..or at centre..but in a daily speaking..sedang=tengah.. hv a same meaning.. but if we say," dia sedang tidur" soo formal..n unfrendly..hahaha better use..dia tengah tidur = he's sleeping.. .. is it clear?? ^^

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