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Lithuanian surnames?

A friend and I found the name "Mazaleski" off a website that was said to be a Lithuanian surname. While I highly doubt this, I'd like to know if it is. It seems most Lithuanian surnames end in "s" and females in...e, I think?

Even so, is there a way to make "Mazaleski" feminine? For a married and unmarried woman? I'd appreciate the help.

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    Sveikas! Here are some helpful websites for learning Lithuanian.


    Here's another one

    Mazelevski sounds Polish. It would be Mrs /Miss Mazelevska
    A Lithuanian version could be Mazelis. Then it woulld be Mrs Mazeliene, Miss Mazelyte.

    Other Lithuanian surname endings:
    : Mr Kazlauskas, Mrs Kazlauskiene, Miss Kazlauskaite.
    Mr Baltutis, Mrs Baltutiene, Miss Baltutyte

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