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How to start learning Hindi??

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    you can find ,
    Hindi Courses :-
    Hindi partners :-
    Hindi teachers :-

    i am ready to teach you Hindi . Hindi is my native language.


    Apart from Teacher's suggestion (it's good though), you may start with Devnagari Script / Hindi script. You may do without it too. In that case, you will have to follow Romaji - Hindi in English. Good method to start learning is Basic grammar, Sentence Pattern, Use of Tenses coupled with Conversation practice.
    I wish you ' All the Best '
    Keep it up.

    You can start off by reading a lot of Hindi books. You can begin with easier books like young adult or children's ones and then slowly progress to adult fiction and even non-fiction. If you are interested in the topic of the book, then it'll probably be fun to read! You should take notes while reading the book and if you have any questions, ask a native Hindi speaker if you have any questions.

    Another fun thing to do is to find Hindi music that you like and try translating it into your own language. Some easier genres of music to study are indie, pop, rock, and folk. Keep in mind that some of the phrases might not be used in everyday conversation, but it will help you build your vocabulary.

    Watch TV programs or movies in Hindi. They're actually a lot more helpful when you're trying to start a conversation, because they'll have a lot more common phrases than reading a book or listening to music will have.

    You should always look over what you've studied before or try to use it in everyday conversations with native speakers or people who are also practicing Hindi. Now that you know it, you have to practice it! :)

    Don't put all your time into learning Hindi, because practicing is half of it. If all you do is learn from a textbook, then it'll be hard to use when you're actually in America or another Hindi-speaking country. So be sure to put in a good amount of time talking to other Hindi speakers. Practice never harms you.

    =) Good luck!

    Hi ,
    To improve your Hindi and enrich your vocabulary you can apply several methods, of which to choose the most suitable for you ,that makes you learn easier and quicker .
    Some of those methods are :
    -Reading at your current level of comprehension simple books , articles,magazines, online and offline.
    You can look up new words that come your way in the dictionary and write them down .By repeating and reading them now and then it helps you increase your vocabulary .
    -Listening to lyrics of songs in Hindi ,watching movies in Hindi etc all helps you get hold of the accent and learn new words and expressions .
    -Speaking with native Hindi speakers will help you a lot catch the correct accent and increases your vocabulary and modes of expression. If you don't have the chance to mingle with native speakers in your country you can use online chatting programs such as italki to interact and voice chat with natives .It is a very effective way .
    -Doing any activity that involves using Hindi such as games; Scrabble for example is a game where you build words using a crosswords-like board .It is entertaining and you can learn new words through it .
    You can look for similar ways to make learning fun!
    -Do some grammar exercising using grammar books or online grammar links such as : .That would be the theoretical exercise helping you to build correct sentences,then you can apply it by speaking ,reading and writing to better memorize it .
    Combining all or some of the above mentioned methods will help you learn and improve your Hindi on the long run ,how long it takes will depend on how much effort and time you dedicate for learning Wish you luck and hope those tips were helpful :)

    i think you must learn Hindi Alpha-bat first.

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