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in learning japanese what is the first step to be taken??

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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    1- i started with learning new words + listening to it's pronunciation
    this link is very useful , you can listen and see the word's picture you wanted to learn

    2- by listening to Japanese show or songs that have English Sub

    3- i searched for some daily Japanese Phrases and learn it .

    4- after i get familiar with some word and can understand it , i learnt hiragana and katakana

    here are some useful links phrases

    こんにちは。 Konnichiwa. (kon-nee-chee-WAH)
    How are you?
    お元気ですか。 O-genki desu ka? (oh-GEN-kee dess-KAH?)
    Fine, thank you.
    元気です。 Genki desu. (GEN-kee dess)
    What is your name?
    お名前は何ですか。 O-namae wa nan desu ka? (oh-NAH-mah-eh wah NAHN dess-KAH?)
    My name is ____ .
    私の名前は ____ です。 Watashi no namae wa ____ desu. (wah-TAH-shee no nah-mah-eh wa ____ dess)
    Nice to meet you.
    始めまして。 Hajimemashite. (hah-jee-meh-MOSH-teh)
    Please. (request)
    お願いします。 Onegai shimasu. (oh-neh-gigh shee-moss)
    Please. (offer)
    どうぞ。 Dōzo. (DOH-zo)
    Thank you.
    どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh)
    You're welcome.
    どういたしまして。 Dō itashi mashite. (doh EE-tah-shee mosh-teh)
    はい。 Hai. (HIGH)
    いいえ。 Iie. (EE-eh)
    Excuse me.
    すみません。 Sumimasen. (soo-mee-mah-sen)
    I'm sorry.
    御免なさい。 Gomen-nasai. (goh-men-nah-sigh)
    Goodbye. (long-term)
    さようなら。 Sayōnara. (sa-YOH-nah-rah)
    Goodbye. (informal)
    それでは。 Sore dewa. (SOH-reh deh-wah)
    I can't speak Japanese [well].
    日本語「よく」話せません。 Nihongo [yoku] hanasemasen. (nee-hohn-goh [yo-koo] hah-nah-seh-mah-sen)
    Do you speak English?
    英語を話せますか。 Eigo o hanasemasuka? (AY-goh oh hah-nah-seh-moss-KAH?)
    Is there someone here who speaks English?
    だれか英語を話せますか。 Dareka eigo o hanasemasuka? (dah-reh-kah AY-goh oh hah-nah-seh-moss-KAH?)
    たすけて! Tasukete! (tah-soo-keh-teh!)
    Look out!
    あぶない! Abunai! (ah-boo-NIGH!)
    Good morning.
    おはようございます。 Ohayō gozaimasu. (oh-hah-YOH go-zigh-moss)
    Good evening.
    こんばんは。 Konbanwa. (kohm-bahn-wah)
    Good night (to sleep)
    おやすみなさい。 Oyasuminasai. (oh-yah-soo-mee-nah-sigh)
    I don't understand.
    わかりません。 Wakarimasen. (wah-kah-ree-mah-sen)
    Where is the toilet?
    トイレはどこですか。 Toire wa doko desu ka? (toy-reh wah DOH-koh dess kah?)

    well, there are many things to start with but i would say the best is to start from hiragana and katakana

    I think it must be phonematic chart of Japanese. It's like A,B,C... in English.

    other useful links

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