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I'm too shy to speak English...what should i do :(


I can type or write well i think...but i can't speak or talk to others.
and im too shy to speak english even if on Skype,im afraid that my pronunciation is poor...
What should i do..
Who is going to save my spoken english ohmygod ╭(╯^╰)╮

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    Getting good at speaking a language is only going to happen one way. You have to speak the language. It won't magically get better one day. If you want to chat in English, even by going very slow, let me know.

    I'm sure you will get confident eventually. You just have to work at it.

    Listen,listen and listen. As a first step, you can talk to your friend in the following way : he speaks English and you answer in your language and be sure,soon you'll be able to speak without any fear. It works! I had such an experience with my Polish.

    practice makes you better.


    If you are thrown into an environment where you need to survive to speak english, you will no longer be shy!

    I can see your feeling, I was just shy to speak like you are till one day I met a foreign client who didn't come with an interpreter. I had to speak though I was really afraid, I didn't even know what I was talking about. but from then on, I spoke, even if nobody understood.
    So, make your first step, make it.

    find a friend who will speak English with you :)

    follow this advice,
    1. Don't feel shy to speak in English.
    2. It doesn't matter even if you make mistakes while speaking.
    3. Remember no one will be able to speak perfect English without making mistakes.
    4. Listen to others when thay speak.
    5. Watch and listen to the t.v. and radio news.
    6. Important point is to remember ''there is nothing that a man cannot achieve in this world''
    so English also like that.

    I have this same problem with French (it's getting better though).

    Everyone before me has already given you some really great advice, I just want to add, be brave! You might get a lot a lot of stuff wrong at first, but don't worry too much about it. Hopefully you'll be around some really nice people who'll correct your mistakes. Good luck!

    i was like you
    but once i thought to record my voice and listen to my own pronunciation , that helped me a lot to improve my speaking
    also , when i began to speak , many people corrected me ,,,, don't worry no one will judge you ... they will help you to learn better ^_^

    GOOD LUCK ^_^
    Don't worry. A lot of people have that problem. Speaking might be scary at first, but it gets easier with practice. The best thing to do is try to find a patient friend to practice with. If you take English speaking classes in school, push yourself to speak up and participate!

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