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" nanda yo " what does it mean ?

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i heard this word form " yamato nadeshiko shichi henge Anime " , the sentence is " busu wa kirai nanda yo "?
busu = ugly
kirai = hate
the problem is that the sentence doesn't make any sense to me ,with " nanda yo " !!

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    "Busu wa kirai desu."
    I hope you get this sentence at least.

    ".....kirai nandayo" is more strong, emotional, and rough(non-polite) version of "....kirai desu."


    "nan"or "nani" means "what"
    "da" the simple form of "desu"
    "yo" I think you can't translate it,it's used to confirm your feelings...etc.
    I hope I helped you.

    That says "I hate an ugly woman !"
    In fact,the correct and sentence is "watashi ha busu ga kirai nanda."
    watashi ha (omission)
    ga→wa (emphasis)
    yo (emphasis,",you know")

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