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Need tips to welcome Halloween trick-or-treat.


This year, for the first time after I came to the US from Japan, I think kids from neighbors may visit us for trick-or-treat on Halloween night.
What should I say to those little goblins & witches? What should I and should not give them? Is it better to put candies in a bag in advance? What time do they usually come? Any other tips?
I already decorated the house a little bit, put pumpkins at the front porch, and bought some big bags of candies. But I don't know how to welcome them indeed, as I have never done it myself.
Any advices will help. Thanks!

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    Well, you are well prepared!
    It's usually nice to compliment their costumes, then offer them the sweets. Some people will tie a couple of sweets inside a food bag and give one bag to each child, others will just have a big bowl full of them and advise them to take one sweet or a couple of sweets. Most children - especially the younger ones, will be out around the time it starts getting dark, or maybe even before. Others will be trick-or-teating late into the evening.
    I hope this helps, good luck and have a Happy Halloween ^^

    When the come to your door, reach into their bags and take candy out and keep the candy for yourself! Then tell them "Thanks for the treat!" :P

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