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Please help me to translate this sentence from Japanese

関係者の間でそうよばれる胴連の事件に、とりあえずの終止符が打たれてから、数日が 経過した。

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    If you want to say 関連 not 胴連 , I'd say

    A few days have passed since the case called like that by the people involved was put to an end.
    Well, I don't know what it means all strung together, but I found out what each individual word means:
    関係者(かんけいしゃ):authorized personnel; participant; party
    間(ま):time; interval
    そう:so; that
    よばれる:it is called
    胴(どう):body; torso
    連(れん):series; ream
    終止符(しゅうしふ):end; period; full stop (end)
    打たれてから(うたれてから):after being struck
    数日(すうにち):several days
    経過した(けいかした):it elapsed

    Google translate came up with this (even though it makes no sense, it kind of gives you a starting point):
    "A few days after being struck from the end of the body now called the series of incidents between the parties so"

    Babelfish gives you this:
    "After between the authorized personnel so temporarily end being struck in incident of the torso ream which is called, several days elapsed"

    Hope this helps!

    firstly, i want to say there is no exact meanibg of "胴連"..maybe it's just a name of a certain translation is that a few days have passed since the event which people involved so called had put an end temporarily,


    I think I wanna keep とりあえずの, which means something for the meanwhile and temporal. So the "end" was not really an end.

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