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translate these sentences please ( from English to Japanese )

let's go to eat together
i want to go ......
i graduated two years ago from .....
i like traveling

please write it in romaji

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    Good try, friends^^

    let's go to eat together
    Issho ni gohan wo tabeni ikimashou.

    i want to go ...... ikitai desu.

    i graduated two years ago from .....
    .....daigaku wo ninen mae ni sotsugyou shimashita.
    "Daigaku" means university or college.

    i like traveling
    Ryokou ga sukidesu.

    Of course, this is just one of many ways to say them. You can arrange them depending on the required politeness, formality etc.

    Im just checking my self. I know it's not what you want. 1Tomodomoni ha tabe wo ikimashou
    2.(watashi ha) ikitai.
    3. (watashi ha) futatsu no ounen ni shusshimashita. (its such a failure)
    4.(watashi ha) koutsuuhi ha sukii desu.
    I apologise for using your question, to give a try. If someone corects me ill be glad.

    Hi Sweet Angel

    let's eat together = issho ni taberu
    i want to go ...... = watashi wa ........ikimasu
    i like traveling = watashi wa ryokou ni suki

    that my own translation ( maybe it is correct and maybe its not ) ,, i hope native speakers can help you ^_^

     1) (friend) nanika tabeni ikanai?
    2) (you want to be a friend) ojikanga arimashitara yuusyoku wo goissyo shimasenka?


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