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    You want to know something you don't know.
    eg. 我不知道“理解”和“了解”有什么区别。我想了解一下。
    You have information in your mind because you have experienced, learnt or been told.
    eg. 根据我的了解,日本人爱吃鱼。
    You clearly understand something.
    eg. “理解”和“了解”的区别原来是这样的,我现在理解了。
    You have information and you think about it.
    eg. 根据我的理解,他用筷子在碗上敲了三下是暗示你半夜三更去见他。

    Interesting question! My opinion... people use 了解(verb) more often on daily conversation, simply means you understand it,like "got it!" , it would be okay if you take 理解 instead of 了解 in expressing.
    For using accurately, we only need to take 理解 carefully , it can be noun or verb, and more sense of formal and logically understanding something, for instance, when you're talking about science or psychology, like "realize" in English.
    I say, 我了解這些不同文化之間的差異(verb),

    理解is mor deeper than 了解。了解means you "know" some fact or condition(which is surface) ,and理解means you "understand"why the fact or condition exits.
    eg:我了解你,我理解你的做法。i know you ,and i understand the way you deal with it


    Simplily speaking,"了解"just means "konw" something,but "理解" means “understand“something and konw why this thing happen,so I can say"我理解这件事情,但是不能理解。"

    理解 & 了解
    -Are you clear? ( 你理解了吗?) -Yes, I am.(是的。)
    -Do you understand? (你了解了/明白了吗?) -Yes, I do. (是的。)
    “理解” expresses you have understood completely . You have known why he does something like that, moreover, you can predict what is his next step.
    “了解”conveys you just have known he does something. You are negative to receive some information.
    e.g.: Jack told you sb has cheated you, you received this information, you can say “我了解了。(我了解这件事本身或是这个人了。)”While, if you knew the reason why he cheated you, (may be he needed money urgently) you can say "我理解他。”

    I hope it can help you.


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