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How to describe "macho" person?

It might be disapproving question, but when I looked up the dictionary, it says macho means "male in an aggressive way". I have no idea how does macho person act agressively when I use" he is macho" Do you think a guy who never admits his wrong is a macho person? Plz tell me ur discription about macho person.

No swear about other people's opinion in terms of this topic, please.

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    macho-man = a man who is virile, sexually active and likes to dominate and control women.

    Me! I'm an incredibly macho panther who also happens to be a genius who is revered by all.

    Jura's got it right when she describes me as virile :D

    As for the dominating women... well, only in bed :P

    a person displaying manly characteristics, such as domineering,powerful , bold manner, chauvinism

    hi, Macho is an spanish language word that has entered the english language (specially usa) and i m very surprised about it! Watching as what english speakers say, you have a close idea of what they understand for it. "macho" was used tradicionally to name the gender of animals..just "el macho y la hembra" (the mascle and the female) with no connotation in rural areas. After the ascention of fascism in Europe and the idea of Mussolini and his division of the world in "macho nations" and "female nations", the term adquired a sense more relating to the adhession to some values, bravery, determination and acceptance of fascist values than to strictly sexual behaviour, performance, etc, which in fact was implicit in Mussolini's point of view. At present time, you hardly heard this word here in Spain, and it is very bad seen you pronounce it in any context. Even farmers who breed animals dont use it too much. For american, the word may be "funny" somehow, but if you want to commit social suicide, come to my country and start saying it all the time!.

    in my cuontry we descripe this person as he miss something in his identity and he wants to cover this missing by showing another things

    In my opinion, a macho man someone who will protect me and someone will who is not shy to show his feelings.

    Reminds me of a band "the vilage people" and makes me sick. "macho macho man, i just wanna be a macho man" yuck

    Here is a song called Macho Man by The Village People

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