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The indications of duration ("non-finished") Present Perfect.

Sorry for my basic English and probably wrong terminology.
So I understand there are some conditions that can make Present Perfect non-finished.
1) Using non-continuous verbs in a sentence like "see", "sound", "love", "own" etc CAN (MUST?) make Perfect formally (grammatically) only. We may understand that as Present Perfect Continuous. Example:
He has owned a cottage out of town. (He continues be owner).
2) Availability of "for" and "since" in the sentence CAN (MUST?) make Perfect non-finished. Example:
You haven't slept for 30 hours. (Probably you continue be not sleeping).
My friend has worked at a factory since 2003. (Probably he continues to work there).
3) Often these 2 conditions are used together.

Question: if these indications are used, how much can that guarantee for us non-finished Perfect? I hope my question is understand for you. Thanks.

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