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what is the difference between still and yet? please give few examples.

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    yet is usually used in a negative case: : You still haven't gone home yet? It's so late!

    Still and yet can be used together.. and either one can be dropped. All of these sentences have the same meaning:

    You haven't called her yet?
    You still haven't called her yet? (sounds a little stronger - as in you've taken way too long to call her)
    You still haven't called her?

    "Yet" can be used in a positive sense, but it's more literary and we dont usually speak this way:

    "I've yet to go to the store". (very literary, not used in spoken english hardly at all)
    "I haven't gone to the store yet" (more common)
    "I *still* haven't gone to the store yet" - adds strength, means it is really late and surprising that you have not gone to the store by now


    Basically, "still" means that something is continuing, and "yet" means "up to this point in time." "Yet" is also another, slightly stronger way of saying "but" (e.g., "I've been awake for 22 hours, yet I'm not tired.").

    Still :
    1- continuing until a particular point in time and not finishing
    Example :
    I wrote to them last month and I’m still waiting for a reply.
    Mum, I’m still hungry!
    Do you still live at the same address?
    There’s still time to change your mind.

    2 - used for making a comparison stronger:
    The next day was warmer still.
    If you can manage to get two tickets that’s better still.

    Yet :
    1- from now until the period of time mentioned has passed
    He’ll be busy for ages yet.
    They won’t arrive for at least two hours yet.

    2- (used in negative sentences) now; as soon as this
    Don’t go yet.
    We don’t need to start yet.


    Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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