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whenever you speak to yourself (Inside ur head) what language do you Use???

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    Besides non-sense ... (which is currently my favorite one) ^^ in spanish or english.


    (Once, I tried to think in russian and guess what... I couldn´t understand me !!!!! =p )

    When im alone - lithuanian, when im with father its russian when im on italki or pc its english. So i kind of swich to one i need. But mainly its lithuanian native

    My native lithuanian.

    I am bilingual so I often switch between English and Lithuanian within seconds, unless I'm travelling then I try to think in German French or Italian.

    En Español, mi idioma nativo.

    everytime i communicate with spanish speaker, I use spanish.
    But most of the time if I want to convey my message, I use filipino and english.. =P

    Sinhala , hindi , english

    When I'm with my friends it's usually spanish, but whenever I'm on the PC it's english

    Inglés pero yo trato a usar español.

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