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Planning an Advertising campaign in Internet.

An advertising company is complex of actions to creating, planning and handling advertising of any products. It is creating in specific time , cause every advertising action has to supplement each other.

There are several steps of planning the advertising compaign:
1. Determination the targets of advertising company
2. Determination the target audience
3. Make media plan
4. Register in search engines
5. Advertising medium selection

Image campaign:
If the target of company is to change consumer relation to brand, then the main task will come over maximum members of target audience.
People have to not only look at your advertising, they have to understand its message (implication), keep it in mind and tie it up with the brand.
Creative medium is important thing in advertising. It has to be unusual and professional, and then it has to focus people on this advertising in websites.

Advertising aimed to selling:
If a company wants to increase sells of specific product, then the advertising medium will be different.
You have two kinds of medium – banner and website. Of course, banner is the image of company, but you can’t sell anything with banner. That’s why you need website and the banners that will link to the website of product. The system in your website can do every action for seller and it’s very comfortable for consumers. The home page (main page) has to be very considered, because people will be linked to this page and this page should be the most important page in the websites.

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    Planning an Advertising campaign (ON) Internet.

    There are several steps of planning the advertising compaign:
    1.( Determine) the targets of advertising company
    2.( Determine) the target audience

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