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I have a question about immigrating into the Philippines

Well my country gets worse and more worse since Europe goes down with the Euro and civil war and total destruction might coming. I fear it very much.

I planned already that my first vacation should be in the Philippines. But the question I also asked myself is "Why just don´t buy a oneway ticket and never return?" I looked in the site of the philippine embassy in Berlin, Germany but there it is written that only 50 people per year are allowed to enter the Philippines! And if you want to be one of them you shall have 40.000 Dollars or you can proove that your intelligence (which I don´t have) is good enough that it brings wealth for the Philippines.

Well I guess for the Philippines thats good that no one bad enters that country but its so hard for me. Is there really no other way to enter the Philippines? I mean who is gonna have 40.000 dollar or is as intelligent like Einstein so that the Philippines would let him enter? Thats quite impossible! :(

PS: I don´t want to beg for money but if somebody want to spend me some money so I can achieve 40.000 Dollars then send me a personal message and I give you my bank account details. :p

So what else can I do to enter there? Is there really no other way? Or do you know a company there which would be interested into a normal educated person like me?

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    i think its not true what they say but i am not so sure why dont you try to be a tourist first i know theres alot of German own company here in my country theres no limitation law that say we are only accepting few numbers of foreign people per year.


    Have a look here
    The Bureau of Immigration, Philippines Official Website - MAIN
    The immigration regulatory and control body of the Philippines. Features agency profile, news, issuances, downloadable forms, immigration FAQs, ...
    Contact details - Frequently Asked Questions - Dual Citizenship
    The Bureau of Immigration, Philippines Official Website ...

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