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Plural adjectives in Arabic?

What is the rule for plural adjectives in Arabic? Is it different between human/non-human and masculine/feminine? Would "tired students" be طلاب تعبان or طلاب تعبانين?

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    طلاب تعبانين : is the right term, and it's a colloquial term...
    طلاب متعبون : is the classical term ( the formal one)..
    طلاب : is plural, طالب: is singular..
    That's right about Arabic. Adjectives follow nouns in terms of " masculine/feminine"..
    مدينة جميلة= beautiful city( مدينة is feminine)
    بيت جميل= beautiful house ( بيت is masculine)
    طلاب متبعون= tired (male) students
    طالبات متعبات = tired( female/girls students)

    All nouns in Arabic are divided into "masculine/feminine" nouns..
    The irrational( non-human) nouns are modified by adjectives depending on their sex term"masculine/feminine"

    it's طلاب تعبانين
    and it's not fosha arabic

    طلاب تعبانين = Arabic slang
    طلاب تعبانون = Formal Arabic

    use تعبان when you want to say " i'm tired " = أنا تعبان ( slang)

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