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Sunno means what in English?

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    Sunanā सुनना = listen

    1." Sunno " means listen.

    And " sunana" means : to make him /her to listen.



    Sunno = (hey) listen. It's like an Order.
    Let me add something.
    If U say Suniye. Then it's request Form.

    What else U want to listen ? Aap aur kya sunanaa chaahate ho ?
    Pl answer. Kripayaa jawaab dijiye.

    Suno - Listen.
    Sunte ho - (To a male) Are you listening
    Sunatee ho - (To a female) Are you listening
    Sunanaa / Sunai dena - To listen
    Sunaanaa - To make other person listen you.

    Suna - it has two meanings (a). I heard and (b). Empty (House/place)

    Suniye - request to listen you.

    Sunna /Soonna - Loss of bodily sensation

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